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  • Dec 7, at am Edited. They look just like the YogaToes.

    The Pampered Toes worked just fine for the pedicure, but I didn't walk around with them on so I can't say how comfortable they would be for that purpose. Here's the link for Pampered Toes: edited to add: sorry Dec 7, at am. Gel packed plastic toe separators have a lot more to do with future landfill than with Yoga. Just the name alone sounds like a scam.

    Pampered Camel-Toes??? Yoga Camel-Toes??? Pampered Yoga Camel-Toes???

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    Did you say Peppered Yogurt Caramel Totes? That's what I was looking for all along! If you order them from the pamperedtoes.

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    Still, they do look like a fun, comfy thing to try. Dec 13, at am. Here are two ways yogis stretch their toes: you sit down, cross one leg over the other, thread the fingers of the OPPOSITE hand between your toes you can use the fingertips if your toes are really tight. Second way is you come onto hands and knees, tuck your toes turn the toes under so that the toes are pointing toward the knees and you are on the balls of your feet , then slowly bring your butt back onto your heels, and then maybe sit on your heels which gives you an INSANE stretch.

    Do these very slowly at first so that you can evaluate whether it feels like a good thing for you to be doing. I have good yoga toe-spreadage ;- so I have not tried these I was thinking of trying the yoga toes because when I do yoga, my toes cramp up when trying to do the things that jazzhands suggested.

    About Yoga Toes

    Even when I am in child's pose they cramp up. I thought maybe the yoga toes, if used when I am just home, etc, would help with my toes when I am doing ypga. Dec 13, at pm. I've also seen a yoga toes ripoff that is a pair of socks with the yoga toes built in not plastic, though, but the same fabric as the socks. They're also cheaper than the original yoga toes. Those might be better in the winter. Dec 14, at am. Dec 15, at pm. Return to all Discussions.

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