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Their best freebie, according to Barbara, was a trip to watch tennis tournament, the French Open. The prize came with a private box and they got to stay at a five star hotel. In the episode Martin also heard from viewers who'd won an entire year's worth of shopping and others who'd won holidays.

Martin Lewis reveals his 'comping' top tips as one mum wins £75k worth of freebies

YOU can make a lot of money or get loads of freebies from comping. Below are Martin's and Barbara's top tips for people looking to get started. They're offered by companies to get their names out there and the idea it to get as many possible people to enter. He pointed out that you're not alone in the process, and that there are also online tools to help you. Because they only enter things they want to win, it means they often post other ones they've seen to the community.

He also revealed secret tricks for young drivers to get hundreds off their car insurance.

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Last year, the popular finance guru shared the one thing you need to know about debt. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online Money team? The best part is that my eyes are now blinded and burning with the ferocity of hellfire.

Money Saving Expert's top freebies you can claim on your birthday

Fumbling around the sink for the water faucet with the grace and exactitude of a young Helen Keller, I finally splash some water in my eyes. Squinting, and barely able to make out the letters on the back of the spray bottle, two words started to take shape: Cedarwood … Sage ….

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Though the minimalist packaging hid its true purpose well, I started to realize that this was not a face spray at all. It was a room spray.

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I start scrubbing my skin with the strength of three titans, but to no avail; my pores still exuded sandlewood with every squat. Because I am a serious and dedicated blogger, I researched and finally located this spray online. Great for ceremonial magic.

I think this spray did more to clear me of my dignity than my stagnant energy, but maybe the formula works in a slow release — stay tuned to find out! According to this website, sage can also activate the Third Eye.

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I: The Proof is in the Pudding Pants. It is a truth universally acknowledged that people love free stuff.

We just do. Um… where was I going with this? Oh, right, freebies. Oh no. Oh dear. Oh, OK. Thank goodness. My other two are out of commission.

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