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Sorenson, B. Stone, L.

Big Deals of Central Kansas

Tabaka, and P. Younk Physics, P ; D. Aragon, E. Aragon, M. Herrera, V. Hesch, T. Martinez, L. Montoya, and J. Hall, G.

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Liechty, and R. Cunico, R. Gonzales, R. Originales, M.

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Tompkins, and D. Bauer, M. Furlanetto, and C. Baker, A. Corridor, E. Smith, M. Pena, and J. Stevens National Security Technologies ; C. Bennett, S. Compton, L. Ferranti, A. Lodes, J.

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Sinibaldi, and P. Technical contacts: Jeremy Danielson and Amy Bauer. A multi-institutional team at Los Alamos has constructed a device measuring the electrical breakdown of liquid helium, thus demonstrating a novel technique enabling a highly sensitive search for the non-zero electrical dipole moment EDM in the neutron. For some-years scientists have been searching for a signature of the neutron EDM, whose effects are influenced by the strength of the applied electric field.

The team constructed the medium-scale high voltage MSHV test apparatus to study electrical breakdown in liquid helium, which can withstand a higher electric field than a vacuum. The results showed DC electrical breakdown at temperatures as low as 0.

Big Deals of Central Kansas

These results indicate that liquid helium can be used to apply an electric field several times bigger than that of previous neutron EDM experiments. Authors: T. Ito, J. Ramsey, S. Clayton, S. Currie, M. Makela, Z. Tang, and W. Wei Subatomic Physics, P ; W.

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Griffith former P postdoc researcher, now with the University of Sussex ; V. Cianciolo and W. Williamson and D. Beck University of Illinois ; D. Wagner and C. Crawford University of Kentucky ; B. Filippone and R.

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Schmid California Institute of Technology ; and G. Seidel Brown University. Technical contact: Takeyasu Ito.

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Geological carbon sequestration is a leading candidate for permanent storage of carbon dioxide CO 2 or other forms of carbon to mitigate global warming and avoid extreme climate changes. CO 2 is also an attractive displacing agent for enhanced oil recovery CO 2 -EOR because it has a relatively low minimum miscibility pressure i. Because a large portion of the injected CO 2 remains in place in depleted reservoirs after CO 2 -EOR, it is an option for permanently sequestering CO 2 with reduced costs.

However, very low viscosity often causes CO 2 to break through to production wells, and poor mobility control may leave large areas of the reservoir unswept. To overcome this disadvantage, current CO 2 -EOR projects alternatively inject gas and water or brine as slugs in the water-alternating-gas WAG method to control CO2 mobility and flood conformance. Figure 6. Red color indicates large porosity 0. Figure 6 shows the analysis processes of the multi-scale statistical framework. However, enough information may be obtained to characterize or define the uncertainty distributions of these parameters.

These distributions are used to sample the uncertain parameters and conduct geostatistical-based Monte Carlo simulations. A set of risk factor metrics is defined to post-process the Monte Carlo simulation results for statistical analysis. The risk factors are expressed as measurable quantities to gain insight into project risk e. The FWU site served as an example to study the multiscale statistical approach for CO 2 accounting and risk analysis.

The results provide insights to understand CO 2 storage potential and the corresponding environmental and economic risks of commercial-scale CO2- sequestration in depleted reservoirs. Technical contacts: Zhenxue Dai and Hari Viswanathan. Engineering structures e.

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When subjected to dynamic loading e. However, obtaining high-resolution vibration measurements using traditional techniques is problematic. For example, accelerometers and strain-gauge sensors can only be placed at a limited number of locations due to the costs and the associated deployment and maintenance, thus providing low spatial resolution structural vibration measurements.

Northeast Pennsylvania

Laser vibrometers provide high-resolution vibration measurements in a scanning mode, but the sequential measurements are time-consuming for large engineering structures. Shop Shorts. Shop Tops.

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